Health reform in Uzbekistan: longer terms and challenges (2012/03)

Accelerated economic growth since mid 2000th allowed to considerably increase public expenditures in health care. Still there is a growing concern that in the longer run government alone would hardly be able to meet the growing need of the sector. The Development Focus One-pager (#3) analyzes key factors of the growing expenditures for the health care by the Government of Uzbekistan, as well as provides some options to finance the sector. 

Leonid Polishchuk, Deputy Director, IRIS Center, University of Maryland, USA

"Indeed, CER is a “collective resource” for donors and international development agencies in Uzbekistan. The Center maintains strong leadership among public policy analysis units. It has reached organizational maturity and accumulated valuable professional and institutional assets, including strong reputation, trust and credibility with stakeholders, good outreach channels, capable team of policy analysts, and necessary project management expertise."