The Industrial policy of the Republic of Uzbekistan: Criteria for Selecting Priority Sectors and Products (2011)

The decisive factor in the structural transformation of the economy is a build-up of capacity for the production of technologically sophisticated, high- value- added products. 

The results of the analysis of the target parameters of sector programs based on the “Product Space” demonstrated the high practical value of this methodology. The application of this method to develop sectoral pro-grams can be expected to help identify the promising paths of structural transformation and thereby optimize indus-trial policy to make the Uzbekistan economy more competitive.

Leonid Polishchuk, Deputy Director, IRIS Center, University of Maryland, USA

"Indeed, CER is a “collective resource” for donors and international development agencies in Uzbekistan. The Center maintains strong leadership among public policy analysis units. It has reached organizational maturity and accumulated valuable professional and institutional assets, including strong reputation, trust and credibility with stakeholders, good outreach channels, capable team of policy analysts, and necessary project management expertise."