The National Human Development Report 2005, Decentralization and Human Development

The Report highlights issues that have no simple answers, thereby encouraging wide-ranging discussion. Like the previous NHDRs the present Report marks achievements for the sake of human development, unsolved problems and objectives to be pursued. The Report provides assessment of Uzbekistan's adherence to UN Millennium Declaration to eradicate poverty, establish the principles of human dignity and equality, peace, democracy and sustainable development.

Leonid Polishchuk, Deputy Director, IRIS Center, University of Maryland, USA

"Indeed, CER is a “collective resource” for donors and international development agencies in Uzbekistan. The Center maintains strong leadership among public policy analysis units. It has reached organizational maturity and accumulated valuable professional and institutional assets, including strong reputation, trust and credibility with stakeholders, good outreach channels, capable team of policy analysts, and necessary project management expertise."